Finance and Retirement #4 ( Blog Review)

FinCon Conference

In this blog Jean Chatzky had the pleasure of visiting the Fincon. Fincon is the country’s premier conference for financial bloggers. While he was there he discovered that there are more than 400 financial bloggers here in the U.S. After he returned he came up with a list of the best and little known sites that can help you save more money, invest more wisely and get ready for retirement. To look at Jean Chatzky’s blog yourself click here. His blog contains priceless information on everything from the stock market to being more money savvy.


Mr. Chatzky’s first pick for best blog to read to help you get ready for retirement is called SquaredAway. It is written by Kimberly Blanton, who happens to be a  veteran in finance and is also a great economics reporter. He gives solid advice about what current and future retirees should do to prepare for retirement and how to handle the roller coaster ride that investing in the stock market will take you on. Mr. Chatzky’s  second blog of choice is Johnny Moneyseed. This is a married couple that are retired and are in their 30’s. They give awesome advice on how to live on a frugal budget and  how to save big bucks by down sizing.

Advice on Finance, Budgeting, Saving and Investing

In the blogs he recommends you can find unique advice on taxes and low maintenance investing which is ideal for most of us because we are not day traders. They offer clear practical advice that is easy to understand and apply in the real world of trading. He also recommends a few blogs to help a person understand the value of living frugally and how to retire on a regular salary at an early age. I really like the blogs on the phycology of money, which helps use explain why we spend money on things we know are bad for us. Remember money cannot buy happiness but it can reduce a lot of stress come hard times, so please take the time to read these blogs and give it your best effort to apply these things in your life.

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