Finance and Retirement #7

Good advice on how to help you save money.

Some of the best advice I have ever had that helped me save money was spend more time at home. I saved a great deal of money after putting this advice into practice and I use to be the type of person that hated being at home. Stop going out to eat so much, try to limit yourself to going out to eat to maybe 4 times a month. Grow your own vegetables, I do and not only do I save money they are better tasting than store bought vegetables. Wash your own vehicle and if you can cut your own hair. I know cutting your own hair sounds crazy especially if your a woman but at the end of the year you would have saved yourself a good amount of money.

More advice on how to live frugally

I buy all my everyday clothes at thrift stores or garage sales. I have found so many brand new clothes at both thrift stores and garage sales for a fraction of their retail price. Repurpose wood, I have done this to make many of my exterior chairs and benches. I have also repurposed wood for a profit by selling chairs, benches, and rockers. Its a great way to earn extra cash with very little investment. If you do not know how to do something but you feel you could possibly be able to do it, watch a video on You Tube on how its done. I recently did this and figured out how to replace the window regulator for my automatic window in my truck and saved myself $75.

Be as resourceful a s possible

I once knew a man who put his 3 daughters through college by recycling cans. I know this may sound extreme but every day twice a day you would see him collecting cans by the high schools. I’ve heard of another man bought all 4 of his kids houses by chipping the mortar off of old bricks from houses that had been torn down. Of course he did not do this over night but he did get it done over a period of 30 years. I had a friend who worked construction with me and everyday he took home scraps of wood and brick from the dumpster, he had 2 acres and eventually built himself a house that was worth $94,000.  All these are great ideas to do more with less and save you a lot of money in the long run, for more tips on what you can do to save money click on this link.

Here is a bench I made out of a couple of pallets.




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