Finance and Retirement #10 My Final post

My Experience with blogging

I had a great time blogging this spring and the knowledge I learned from it I will definitely help me with my professional career. I really enjoyed sharing what I know about finance and retirement with others. In a way it made me feel like a professional in my field. I also enjoyed reading other peoples blogs and that’s something that I rarely have done in the past. If I could I would love to be a blogger as a full time career.

Best tools that where effective

By far the easiest and best tool to use was the hyperlink tool to add a link to my topic. I also enjoyed the ease of adding pics. I feel that the most effective tool was to have my blog integrated with twitter, this was an awesome feature on WordPress. I think there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the way I present my blog and the professionalism in my writing. This experience can definitely help me in the future by showing me how to get my brand name out there and connect with a social media tool like Twitter. After I decide on my brand name I will definitely be using WordPress integrated with Twitter to help generate advertising. Here is a link to help beginners start there blogs.

Analyzing my Stats on WordPress

My most popular week was the week of February 10th, I had 7 views that day. This was my first blog that was the most popular of the year I got a total of 7 views and I think it was viewed that many times just because it was a fresh topic. In reviewing my stats the most surprising thing I discovered was that my most popular day was Thursday with 56% of my views. In addition my most viewed time was 11:00 p.m. In total I had 9 post before this one, 16 views,  and 5 visitors. This has been a wonderful experience and wanted to say thank you to Sara Shields and John Smikly who helped me learn so much this semester about Mass Communications.

This is a picture of me Alfred Hernandez






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