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I have just turned 40. I am a senior at Texas State and this is my last semester with just the internship to complete for my degree. I am getting a degree in Consumer Affairs with a minor in Business Administration. I am from San Antonio Texas and have my Associates degree from San Antonio college. My interest are finance, real estate, fishing, poker and love my family. I am looking forward to completing my degree here at Texas State and getting into the real estate field full time. To find out why real estate is the #1 way to build wealth click on this link.

I choose to blog about Finance and Retirement this semester because the subject really interest me. I also felt that many people are not preparing for retirement early enough and if I could make a difference in a few peoples understanding on the topic, that would be awesome. I also plan to go into the real estate field and wanted others to know that it is the #1 way to build wealth and is a great investment when they get to that level. I have taken many classes and seminars about finance and wanted to share some of the knowledge that I have acquired over time. I think now is the time to start to save and invest, take it from me do not wait until you are 40.

At a time when our social security system will not be available to most of our college students it is more important than ever that they start to prepare for retirement at an early age. I also shared a tremendous amount of information on the different investment and the best ways to get started. I love finance and lets face it money is a necessity of life so we should get good with it. I also had a lot of good advice when it came to credit cards and your credit. Retirement is something a person should start considering saving for at the earliest age possible and have compound interest work in your favor. Good luck and start saving for your future.